The main focus of this blog in the coming months will be highlighting the importance of seeking greater maturity in our political leaders, and more generally the importance of a developmental perspective in our politics and society generally. This perspective is the foundation of an “integral” social and political movement.

The essays that will appear in the coming months on the home page of this web site are essentially parts of an ebook entitled: A Call For An Integral Political Movement, which I will release after sharing those essays on this web site. I am hoping that the combination of those essays and this blog will create some interest in and excitement for an important transformational opportunity at this time of crisis in American Democracy.

Any moment of conflict and instability is also an opportunity for evolution and transformation, even as it may also in this case reflect the very real possibility of a collapse of post World War Two democracy, institutions, alliances and even civilization.

I am in conversation with a number of wise and experienced individuals about how we might catalyze such a social and political movement. The fruits of this collaboration will be reflected sometime in the next several months through a new web site dedicated to the launch and cultivation of such a movement.

Hopefully you will find some thoughts and perspectives in this blog which are interesting, motivational and inspirational.

John T. Kesler

March 25 2017