About John Kesler

John contributes in various ways to interrelated individual and collective flourishing and evolution in a global environment.

John is founder and president of the Salt Lake Civil Network (SLCN), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  SLCN  supports interrelated individual and and community flourishing and evolution in a global environment.  See www.saltlakecivilnetwork.org. One initiative of SLCN has been the creation and sponsorship of Utah Civil and Compassionate Communities (UCCC) affiliated with the compassionate communities program of the global Charter for Compassion. UCCC promotes integrally informed approaches to community flourishing through a primary lens of civility and compassion. John also provides advice on integral approaches to the global compassionate communities program.

Together with other colleagues, through  UCCC  John directed  the Utah Citizen Summit in the Fall of 2016 the weekend after the general election for the purpose of bringing Utahns together across their differences after two months of preparatory dialogues across Utah.  Dialogues and panel discussions were held at the Summit, and national leaders from the transpartisan and bridging movements were invited to share their wisdom in an evening program.  See www.utahcitizensummit.org.  Trainings following the Summit involve integrally informed teaching regarding how individuals need to integrate internal practice for personal integration and growth with their transformational work in the world; horizontal facilitative leadership integrated with vertical stages of leadership; and advanced systems and processes for societal evolution and related cultural evolutionary dynamics.

UCCC is actively networking with other communities across America to co-learn with them with regard to bridging differences and establishing more mature approaches to politics, policy making and governance in support of the transpartisan movement. The goal is to illuminate, interconnect and more deeply establish a transpartisan movement from the grass roots including adding an integral dimension to this movement

John is co-founder and director of “America, Lets Grow Up”, an effort just being initiated to help launch an integrally informed political movement. The idea is not to start another political party, but to add a developmental or vertical perspective to the the “transpartisan” movement as well as being a resource to society in creating a greater priority for maturity in our public leaders and in society generally. Note on the home page of this site beginning with the current essay, “Why Maturity Matters in our political leaders”  there will be a series of essays by John addressing this topic. Also see the blog on this site where John will be blogging on this and related topics.

The Global Civil Network (GCN)  was founded by John through SLCN and is partnering with UBegin.com, a cutting edge global social networking tool. The goal of GCN is to become an important resource for supporting glocal socially entrepreneurial dynamics and glocal networks of communities and organizations dedicated to some significant extent to the common good for the purpose of  creating human and planetary flourishing and evolution.   As an example, the intent over time is to expand the integrally informed American transpartisan networking initiative referred to above to a global scale.  A glocal network on homelessness is the other topic that is currently being launched by GSN.

John is founder and manager of Civil Consulting Associates (CCA) which supports people and organizations in pursuing strategies to optimize organizational goals and doing so in a socially and environmentally conscious manner in a global environment.  CCA has particular content expertise with regard to leadership, health and wellness, education, dealing with multi-systemic environments, becoming more inspired and creative, and interrelated patterns of personal and  organizational flourishing and transformation.

Through the IPP Institute, which John founded, he teaches and facilitates an awareness and life practice which he developed called integral polarity practice (IPP).  IPP stresses awareness, integration and growth and working with polarities for both individuals and groups.  IPP reflects elements of a number of wisdom and spiritual traditions and is aligned with cutting edge research in developmental psychology, but it is unique.  The approaches of IPP, SLCN, GCN and CCA are all deeply interpenetrating  See: www.theippinstitute.org.

John is a speaker, writer and scholar in the all of the above areas.

He is also a practicing attorney. John spend the first decades of his practice emphasizing international commercial law, and for over the past ten years his practice has been limited to commercial real estate finance for primarily one client Woodbury Corporation a national real estate company owned by the family of two of his law partners, Wallace Woodbury (deceased) and Jeffrey Woodbury.  For over 20 years John has been given an AV rating by the Martindale Hubbell, the attorney peer rating system reserved for the top five percent of legal practitioners.