Integrally Informed Social and Political Services

In addition to services provided through the Salt Lake Civil Network, the Global Civil Network, Civil Consulting Associates and the IPP Institute but also through all of these organizations John consults, facilitates, speaks and writes about integral approaches to society and politics including but not limited to:

  • integral approaches to democracy and governance
  • five stages of leadership maturity
  • eight levels of civil reciprocity and civil-ization
  • strategies for societal evolution
  • next steps in education for citizenship and leadership
  • integral life practice as a foundation for social and political activism

John has initiated a political movement called “America, Let’s Wake Up” in order to help establish that we are choosing some of the least mature among us to be our leaders, and it is critical to choose some of the most mature among us who have the capacity to get things done. The integral leader is also able to work with and develop systems processes and culture in a way that could transform our society and connect with the global community.

The term “integral”  refers to a new arena of theory and practice which has arisen in the past few decades from the cutting edge emergent stage of human development in the world as defined by developmental psychologists  Integral theory is being pursued in dozens of fields in major universities around the world, and integral practices in multiple field are also beginning to come on line.  There is no area which so desperately needs integrally informed theory and practice as politics and the public sector.  John was an founding member of the politics section of the Integral Institute, a think tank founded by Ken Wilber, the World’s leading philosopher relating to integral theory. All of the activities and services described on this web site are “integrally informed” including John’s approach to a new social and political movement.